Enhancement through Skills

Product offerings


* Construction regulations

* Emergency Preparedness and Response

* Health and Safety Legislation for Committee Members

* Health and Safety for Managers

* General Health and Safety for Employees

Personal Leadership

* Emotional Mastery

* Building Resilience in the Workpalce for Stress

* Personal Mastery

* People Skills

* Fundamentals of Personal Finance

* Fundamental Art of Communication

* Entrepreneurship and Basic Skills

* Customer Relationship Skills

* Selling Skills

* Building Relationships and Diversity Skills

* Effective Presentation Skills

Leadership and Management

* Labour Management for Employers

* Renaissance Leadership (Which includes,amongst more)

* Basic Problem Solving and Decision Making

* Achieve and Maintain Dynamic Teams

* Interpersonal Supervisory Skills

* Negotiation Skills

* Dealing with Sexual Harassment

* Human Resource Management


We would like to know your requirements so please contact us for pricing.

Pricing will depend whether we use your venue or an alternative venue, workshops vs intensive participative courses, meals to be arranged, number of candidates who may attend, travelling costs and so forth……………

Once we have your business requirements we will work on a price and come back to you ASAP.